About HEFTY.art

Welcome to HEFTY.art, the premier intersection of artistry, collaboration, and avant-garde innovation. Rooted in the ethos of fostering genuine artistry, we have crafted a space where world-renowned artists, influential trendsetters, and iconic brands seamlessly collaborate to redefine the contours of both traditional and digital art.

Our Story & Partnerships

The narrative of HEFTY.art is one woven with prestigious associations and unwavering dedication to art. Our exclusive partnership with the venerable Husain Estate stands testament to our commitment to preserving and promoting legendary artistry. Furthermore, our global collaborations with revered institutions like Sotheby's highlight our pivotal role in reshaping the contemporary art market.

As a visionary platform, our capabilities are amplified by the unwavering support from Polygon, facilitating a harmonious blend of the ethereal charm of physical art with the tamper-proof provenance of NFTs. Our collaboration with top-tier NFT artists offers both creators and connoisseurs an unmatched, immersive experience.

Brand Collaborations: Unveiling New Horizons

In an age where brand identity is paramount, HEFTY.art serves as a conduit between artistic brilliance and brand innovation. We extend a golden opportunity for brands to collaborate with distinguished artists and influencers, co-creating bespoke campaigns that resonate, engage and captivate audiences. Through our platform, brands can immerse themselves into the art world, sponsor unique creations, and align their identity with the cultural zeitgeist, thereby achieving unparalleled market impact and consumer connection.

The Roadmap

1. Imminent Launch of the NFT Marketplace: In our relentless pursuit to offer unparalleled value to our community, the upcoming launch of our NFT marketplace stands as a pivotal milestone. Designed to provide artists and collectors a robust, user-friendly platform, this marketplace is poised to redefine how digital art is minted, showcased, and traded.

2. Empowering Artists - Beyond the Canvas: Our vision stretches beyond conventional horizons. We strive for a world where artists don't merely create but thrive, unlocking myriad revenue streams. The passion and perseverance that go into every brushstroke, every digital creation, should be met with tangible rewards.

3. Future Innovations: As we stride forward, our evolutionary trajectory includes the integration of AI-powered art tools, empowering creators with cutting-edge technology to mold their inspirations. Additionally, our plans to unveil an ecommerce store for physical art and derivative merchandise underline our commitment to expanding the possibilities for our artists and aficionados.

4. A Bright Future: With every feature we roll out, every collaboration we foster, and every artist we onboard, our overarching mission remains clear: to curate a future where art not only evokes emotions but also spearheads sustainable successes for its creators.





  • Ashish Chowdhry

    Co -founder


    Co -founder

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